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I called them today in order to settle this debt. Sadly, I did have a couple of sane questions for them and obviously the intellect of the questions exceeded that of the individual on the end of the line.

Instead of answering the clear request, the response I received from "Mr. Fox" (now we know what a Fox says...yes that is a joke) was not only rude and uncalled for, but quite immature: "I am not here to answer your questions. I am here to collect a debt. Are you going to pay or not?" Well, so much for professionalism!

That was right out of the gate! And I called them! After trying to steer this moronic lack of brain mass to any type of decent human response to my question, he read to me a piece of paper that didn't answer my question again. Before completely losing my mind, I asked for his supervisor.

Following a five minute hold, a wonderfully (sense the sarcasm here) trained "supervisor" picked up on the line by the name of Mr. York. Basically, I wasn't able to get anywhere. She constantly cut me off in mid or even the beginning of my sentence because I can only assume she truly believed she had the power of omniscience to know exactly what I was about to say or ask.

Again, sadly, she didn't. At that point, I lost it and told her what I thought of her pathetic skills and she stated that she was going to note my account as "refusal to pay".

Did I ever say that? No.

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